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Many of us feel that our smiles are most striking when our teeth look especially white and healthy, But unfortunately, soft drinks, coffee, red wine, tea, and tobacco can cause yelllowing and staining. To help you restore your smile to the level of whiteness you desire and to give you an added boost of confidence Dr. Apter will gladly advise on the best option available for you.

A custom whitening kit used at home is the most effective method to lighten the color of natural teeth. Depending on the level of original discoloration which you start with, and the desired result you wish to achieve , Dr. Apter will customize your treatment. The most up to date scientific literature tells us that to obtain the whitest longest lasting colour for any individual, it is important to bleach slowly at home for a prescribed number of days. Custom trays will be fabricated from dental moulds taken at our office. We will then choose the correct percentage of Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide and the length of time per day and the number of days for you to bleach at home. Dr. Apter recommends keeping the trays handy so after your regular check-up appointments you can bleach at home for 1 or 2 times and keep the whiter colour stable and bright. Yearly upkeep is usually achieved for only $20.00. Please contact us today to find out more about these options and which one is best for you!

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